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Go beyond the book, courses and podcasts

For the past few years , We’ve been privately coaching select groups of ambitious learning professionals on how to change behavior within their organizations successfully:

It is a 12-month program
Master the art of lasting behavior change
Connect and work with trusted advisors
Skip out on making expensive mistakes
Learn and Grow with others (instead of alone)
Learn from learning professional all over the world
Share experiences with industries you never thought of.
what we offer

The Behavior Change Mastermind gives you the space for building your confidence, skills, network, and change success. All in one spot!

So that your Behavior Change programs are perfectly aligned with your organizational goals and values on wellbeing, career goals, and mental health.

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Planning for Perfect

Save time on developing and reviewing change programs by jumping right into guaranteed success with programs and templates we’ve personally vetted or developed throughout the last years

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Our top 25 programs

Keep your growth going by attending Anthonie’s personal meetings and advisory sessions… while connecting with world-class learning professionals, entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs from his very own portfolio.

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Elevating Experiences

How to structure your organizational change including culture and technology flawlessly and instantly with our vetted, referral-only specialists and vendors.

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Superstar Structuring

Get connected and profiting with high-value learning professionals right away with exclusive access to our world-class network.

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10x Networking

Learn how to create your ROI on learning programs, how to measure behavior change is happening and present these results to your C-level successfully.

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Championing Capital

Apply Now To Join The Behavior Change Mastermind

Masterminds are limited to keep the experience highly personalized and engaging for every person enrolled.

The Behavior Change Mastermind is also NOT for everyone.

Applications are required to ensure all members are a great fit.

If you’re interested, click the button below to apply right now.


Your Roadmap

Here are the steps for getting you from launching your first behavior change program to a culture of lasting change

Building your Best Blueprint

- Determining your goals for the first year
- Clarify and confirm your change vision
- Brainstorming about behavior change that align with your priorities

Roadmapping For Resounding Results

- Outlining initial steps for building momentum
- Strategies for creating change culture
- Addressing any and all possible obstacles ahead

Business Consulting

Successful experience of experts in structuring investment projects, developing and implementing.

Project Management

We are working in the format of an outsourcing project office. We assume operational coordination.

Getting Started

Helping you find your first opportunity Auditing your first opportunity across the principles and commandments Strategizing for your first success and program development

Planning your first Program

Save time on developing and reviewing change programs by jumping right into guaranteed success with programs and templates we’ve personally vetted or developed throughout the last years

Compounding your Confidence quickly

Reviewing unique behavior change strategies Breaking down the exact process for putting it all into action Equipping you with tools and resources for flawless execution

Setting you up for Monthly meetings

- Sharing with you my personal network of change, technology, and LMS integration advisors
- Connecting you with other experienced learning professionals around the world in and outside your industry
- Facilitating powerful change opportunities for you by inviting trusted players from my circle

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Providing you with high-impact introductions

- Giving you the exact development process I’ve been using in my change programs over the years
- Supplying you with proven behavior change templates
- Explaining the documents for structuring change, building habits on wellbeing, career goals, and mental health and everything else

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Equipping you with Weapons for Winning